The Revelation

       During last winter the Lord put us to writing the Revelation, as He revealed it to us.  It was a monumental task.  Many mornings He would have me up at 3:00am, revealing things that I had never heard before.  But we continued our labor with Him, until finally the work was completed.  We have divided it into nine different chapters for publication and downloading.  We pray that as you read these books you will utilize the references for your study.

                                                                            Brother Howard


Chapter I:     Revelation 1:1 through 3:22

Chapter II:     Revelation 4:1 through 5:14

Chapter III:     Revelation 6:1 through 7:17

Chapter IV:    Revelation 8:1 through 10:7

Chapter V:     Revelation 10:8 through 11:18

Chapter VI:    Revelation 11:19 through 13:18

Chapter VII:    Revelation 14:1 through 17:8

Chapter VIII:    Revelation 18:1 through 19:21

Chapter IX:     Revelation 20:1 through 22:21


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